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CIR & CII Approval for 2015-2017
Sep 2015: Participating at eNOVA 2015, booth A51
Feb 2015: Participating at B2B meeting Tech'Innov
Feb 2015: Participating at NI Days
Dec 2014: Participating at ARM Technology Symposium Europe
Nov 2014: Present at "Assises de l'Embarqué"
Nov 2014: Present at MIDEST Event
Oct 2014: Present at World Nucleat Exibition
Sep 2014: Present at eNOVA Event
Sep 2014: Present at Intelligent Building System Event
Jun 2014: Participate at ALTERA Embedded Symposisum
Jun 2014: Present at SMART GRID Event
May 2014: Participating at B2B meeting Industries-Days
Apr 2014: Present at MEDTEC Event
Apr 2014: Present at CEA's day "From Research to Industry"
Apr 2014: Present at RTS-M2M Event

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HV Measuring System

Domain: Railway                         
End Customer: ALSTOM

Level of involvement:

Concept and design of an electronic equipment for high voltage/current measuring, filtering and processing for catenary.


Real-time detection and analysis for: the catenary type (25KV, 15kV, DC) and the defect management,
Data acquisition & transmission with low latency: from 2 SPI to 9 SPI,
SIL2/3 criticity.

CIELE Solution:

Definition of the FPGA based digital architecture to guarantee the signal processing accuracy and speed: acquisition, filtering, voltage/current RMS and active/reactive power calculation,
Analog output management for calibration and failure modes,
System Autotest,
Validation test bench with our CI-LEX platform.


SIL2/3 qualified according to the EN-50129 standard.


In mass production since 2009.


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